Hurston/Wright Foundation | Spotlight on Our College Winners
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Spotlight on Our College Winners

Shakarean Hutchinson, 2017 Fiction Winner

Shakarean Hutchinson 2017

“I write because there are stories running constantly through my head…. I also like the idea of creating something. Of creating a little world where I’m the architect of everything that gets to be known.”


Read a Q&A with Shakarean and an excerpt from her winning entry, “How to Kill Pigs.

Cheswayo Gabriel Mphanza, 2017 Poetry Winner

College winner Cheswayo Mphanza (credit- Kea Taylor_Imagine Photography)

“When I think about the themes, ideas, or concerns that come up in my writing, I notice that all my writing is trying to seek out others whose narratives are about displacement and identity re/formation. I write because I am simply reaching out.”


Read a Q&A with Cheswayo and one of his winning poems, “On Composing.”

John S. Wilson III, 2016 Fiction Winner

John Wilson III accepts College Award for Fiction

“After repeated and close reading, I discovered inside and underneath the diction, the detail, and the rhythm of the prose, the temporal, philosophical, political and historical brilliance – the incisive and thorough truth – of the novel.”


Read a Q&A with John and an excerpt from his winning entry, “4, 6, 8.”

Joy Priest, 2016 Poetry Winner

Joy Priest accepts College Poetry Award

“I read widely every day, and nearly every day I am introduced to a new poet with whom I’m delighted… I find reading poetry is what ultimately gets me into the writing of poetry.”


Read a Q&A with Joy and a poem from her package, titled “Elegy for Kentucky.”