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Karla FC Holloway



Passed On

Karla FC Holloway


Dr. Karla FC Holloway is the Dean of the Humanities and Social Sciences at Duke University where she holds the William R. Kenan Professorship of English and African American Studies. Professor Holloway is a graduate of the Buffalo Public Schools, Talladega College and Michigan State University-where she earned her PhD in English and Linguistics. Her professional career began as a teacher of eighth grade Language Arts at Clinton Jr. High School in Buffalo. She is the daughter of Claude D. and Ouida H. Clapp and the sister of Dr. Leslie Clapp Ezie. Professor Holloway is the author of five books, including Passed On: African American Mourning Stories; Codes of Conduct: Race, Ethics and the Color of Our Character; and Moorings and Metaphors: Figures of Culture and Gender in Black Women’s Literature. She has published numerous professional articles and reviews; provided guest commentary on National Public Radio and to magazines including Emerge, The Crisis, and Black Issues in Higher Education, and delivered lectures and keynote addresses across the United States as well as internationally-including England, France, Germany, and Turkey.